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Ever fancy yourself as a designer? Feeling creative? We are giving you a chance to design a hoody using their mi team platform, with the winning design to be worn by the players and available to buy from the Bomber Shop.
Along with the amazing opportunity of having your design produced and worn by the players, you will also win the below prizes;
- 4 x Reserved seats (Round 13 V Melbourne) - Inner Sanctum experience (Round 13 v Melbourne) - Match Day team signed football (Round 13 V Melbourne) - 4 x Hoodies featuring your design in sizes of your choice - $1000 adidas voucher To enter is simple. Click here and start customising. Once finished send your design to with your contact details.
Feeling a little destructive? It’s time to Find Flux, and the task is simple: If you see a ZX Flux poster that looks like it could be hiding something, rip the poster, grab the bag behind it, and follow the instructions inside.
These special posters will be placed around cities and clues to their location will periodically be sent out on @adidasAU social channels.
If you find one of these posters, congratulations. Time to celebrate, ‘cause you just won yourself a pair of ZX Flux shoes.
Miss out on a pair of shoes? That’s okay. For people not lucky enough to win the actual shoes, you still have a chance to pick up some adidas swag.
All you need to do is find a ZX Flux poster, snap a shot with it (we’re judging you on originality, so get creative), upload it to twitter or Instagram, tagging both @adidasAU and #ZXFlux.
  • Mélissa Le Nevé and Ben Rueck on a Boulder Trip through Malawi

Staring into the inky blackness, the darkness became hypnotic. I sat in a little Suzuki driver’s side, speeding along towards Lake Malawi with Mélissa Le Nevé in the passenger seat beside me. It took a little while to get used to driving on the other side of the road, but by this point I became used to it. It had been a long day of travel; and I was looking at another few hours. The African plains were much larger than I previously had thought. I was reflecting about this when out of the corner of my eye something appeared. At first I thought it was a seat belt light, but upon closer inspection it was actually an indicator that told me I was about to be out of fuel. My stomach dropped. We were still over an hour away from our destination, in the middle of Africa, and I had not seen a petrol station for the last few 100 kilometres.
  • Tudo bem is the attitude you need to get the most out of an intensive bouldering trip to Brazil.

Tudo bem: two Brazilian-Portuguese words for all eventualities. The phrase is a way of life, a philosophy.Tudo bem is precisely the attitude you need to get the most out of an intensive bouldering trip to the country that hosts the World Soccer Championships.
Tudo Bem means something like “What’s up?” If you are in Brazil, then there is only one cool answer to this question: thumbs up and: “Tudo bem!” That is because tudo bem also means: “Everything is OK!” So it goes like this: Tudo bem? Tudo bem! Everything is OK, brother. Couldn't be better.
The invitation4 January, 2010: the up-and-coming Brazilian climbing star Felipe Camargo had just sent his 3rd repeat of what was probably Brazil’s toughest boulder at that time: O dia santo (8b+) in the São Bento bouldering zone.

Two climbers from Spain, Dani Moreno and Eduard Marin Garcia, find themselves in Peru facing the most puzzling challenge of their lives on La Esfinge, or The Sphinx. And with a hilarious bet on the line, the stakes could not be any higher.


Edu Marin was sprinting up the last few metres to reach the belay when his partner, Dani Moreno, called up to him from 30 metres below. “Hey, Edu!” shouted Dani, grinning mischievously. “I have a riddle for you! If you get it, the beers are on me tonight! If you don’t, then you pay! So, what do you say?” “A riddle?” Edu shouted back, gasping for air. “You know [cough] that I love [wheeze] riddles. [Gasp] And beer!” "This is serious" said Dani. "OK, what goes on two legs in the morning, four legs at midday and no legs in the evening?
  • Barbara Zangerl, the Boulder Queen has rediscovered herself.

What do you do if you have planned a nice big project, done it, and then find out to your surprise that there are still plenty of good climbing days left in the year? Take time to chill? Not if your name is Barbara Zangerl.
Originally, completing the Alpine Trilogy was not on her list, but now she is the first woman to have repeated all the Trilogy routes. Three routes that still count as the most difficult in the Alps. Three routes that up until 1994 only four men were able to write in their diaries.
The first ascenders are particularly impressed. "The Boulder Queen has rediscovered herself," says Beat Kammerlander. Thomas Huber agrees: "Babs is one of the greatest in the Alps." Stefan Glowacz goes even further, speculating that she is the protagonist in a new era: "There has been nobody like this since Lynn Hill.
  • Bianco Ridge, Piz Bernina, Graubünden, Switzerland

High above the valley floor, appearing to float in the heavens, illuminated by a golden-pink alpine glow, elegantly curving its way towards the summit of Piz Bernina - Bianco Ridge has been created to be admired and then climbed. In other words: whoever sets eyes on the Bianco Ridge wants to get up there and do it.The challenge was doing the Bianco Ridge in winter and have one of the most awe-inspiring routes in the Alps all to ourselves - something that many dream of but only few manage to experience.And yet the strategy for the Bianco Ridge is so straightforward: go when nobody else is there. And that‘s exactly what Toni Mosshammer and David Kreiner did.

It is only in exceptional cases that you can enjoy the Bianco Ridge in solitude.
REVOLUTION 30 boost is unlike anything else. adidas is committed to runners, and delivering footwear that satisfies your needs as a runner. Introducing our REVOLUTION 30 guarantee. Revolution 30 allows you to purchase adidas adult and junior running footwear containing Boost technology with confidence. Quite simply, if you are not happy with any pair of our Boost running footwear, you can return them to your store of purchase within 30 days of the date of purchase, for an exchange or a refund of the purchase price. What running footwear models are included in the REVOLUTION 30 program? - Energy Boost - adiStar Boost - Sonic Boost - Supernova Glide Boost - Supernova Sequence Boost - Questar Boost - adiZero adios Boost - adiZero boston Boost - Revenergy Boost - Response Boost - Clima Rocket Boost This offer is valid on Men’s, Women’s and Junior models in the above models.
Little Performers
Off to a great start
As a parent, your child’s health comes second to none. It is for us, too. At adidas, we are committed to the lifelong care of your little ones’ feet – from crawling, walking, jumping and running to fulfilling their biggest dreams.
The first step to healthy feet
We count on our feet to carry us throughout our lives. So proper development is essential. While going barefoot is best, it’s rarely possible in today’s environment. And finding the correct shoes for your child’s various development stages can be a difficult task. Did you know that 70 % of foot problems come from wearing the wrong shoes? And the majority is already caused during childhood? So it is important to make your child’s first steps healthy ones.
12 days of #adiXMAS

December has arrived, and here at adidas HQ we are feeling festive. To help get everyone in the mood we are giving you the chance to win some awesome adidas kit every day for 12 days.

Simply follow our instagram feed and comment on the 12 days of #adiXmas post on the day, with the reason why you want one (or all) of the items included. The best response will win.

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