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Smart football has arrived

Want to be the fastest player on the pitch? Check out the latest adizero f50s powered by miCoach.

Hailed as the “football boot with a brain,” Lionel Messi won’t hit the pitch without a pair. The new adizero f50s—powered by adidas’ revolutionary miCoach technology—bring a whole new level of intelligence to the playing field. They will help you step up your game, every time you step into them.

The “brain” of the design is the miCoach-powered SPEED_CELL™, which captures 360-degree movement and measures key performance metrics like your average speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, time and distance. It gives you a unique insight into your performance and motivates you and your teammates to push harder every game.

A built-in memory tool records your performance metrics over the course of a match or training session. The SPEED_CELL™ then wirelessly synchs the data with the free miCoach app on your Smartphone or computer so you can track your personal progress, share your game stats on Facebook, and even compare your performance to the pros. It’ll push you to be the best you can be.

The miCoach app also creates an avatar for you, equipped with your personal stats and skills, so you can challenge your friends to a virtual match and leave zero doubt over who’s the fastest player on the pitch.

From zero to hero, the fastest leads the game. Prove you’re fast, with the new adizero f50s powered by miCoach.