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The Originals Myth Space

  • Originals Myth Space

For China’s White Space Project, artist Yan Wei took over Beijing’s ZAN8 gallery space together with movie star Fan Bing Bing, they installed wall paintings, sculptures, illustrations and animations. Step into a fantasy world: the Originals myth. The works of this exhibit are inspired by the adidas Originals SS12 collection. The artist used iconic elements of the brand like the stripes and the trefoil, translated into her anime and manga style.

Yan Wei’s illustrated world represents her inner power. The trefoil is multiplied and becomes a colorful wild forest. The stripes are turned into centaurs – the creature of wisdom. The stars are rendered light worms - believed to be resilient and courageous. The black/ white/ grey colorway is skillfully rendered into whirls that represent the unpredictability of life.

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