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Light done right - Introducing the adizero Crazy Light 2

adizero Crazy Light 2

The world’s lightest, just got lighter, stronger, brighter and smarter. At 9.5 ounces, the adizero Crazy Light 2 is the lightest in the world and nearly 10% lighter than the nearest competitor. Robbie Fuller, lead Basketball Footwear Designer, gives us the story behind the shoe and shows us why adizero Crazy Light 2 is light done right.


Designer Robbie Fuller: “When it came time to make a new adizero Crazy Light 2, we had to make it lighter, stronger and smarter. It was taking on the impossible… Removing weight and adding strength.”


Designer Robbie Fuller: “We knew we couldn't just make this shoe lighter, it had to be stronger too. That’s why we upgraded the asymmetrical SPRINTFRAME by making it larger. The new design allows for weight reduction, motion control and energy return. The new sidewall design gives far more support to lock down your foot when you're doing a crossover. And, with the completely redesigned SPRINTWEB, you’ll get both vertical and horizontal strength when you’re cutting to the rim.”


Designer Robbie Fuller: “This shoe is crazy smart too. We gave it a brain by incorporating adidas miCoach. With miCoach, you can see your max speed, how long you were active and even the distance you traveled. A smarter shoe can make you a better player.”


Designer Robbie Fuller: “We know players are also crazy about color. That’s why we’re releasing five new colorways to launch the adizero Crazy Light 2, with more colors to come later.”
Designer Robbie Fuller: “To sum it all up, it’s lighter, brighter, stronger and smarter. The adizero Crazy Light 2 is light done right.”