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The brains behind lethal

Di María’s backbreaking dribbles

The new Predator Lethal Zones takes your game to its deadliest. Five zones, each designed to deliver perfection with every touch. Masterminded by miCoach, it gives you the complete arsenal to master all areas of your game.
Power, speed, pace, agility, stamina. miCoach brings you the exclusive training programs from some of the best players on the planet so you can nail that killer pass in the first and the 91st minute. Here, for the first time, Xavi, Nani, Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and Angel Di Maria give you their exclusive training programmes. To unleash deadly, you have to train like the deadliest.

Chapter 3/5: Di María’s backbreaking dribbles

In a one-on-one you need to think fast and act even faster. You see the space and go for it. Fake to shake your opponent; launch a quick step-over and end with an explosive sprint to finish the task. In your mind you’re already past him. Just make sure your body is as fast as your mind.

For faster than the eye moves like Di Maria’s, this 9-stage work out plan combines plyometrics for disruptive playmaking and improves your movement skills for backbreaking dribbles.

This 30-minute routine, three times a week, will keep you lean, mean and ready to unleash the hypnotic moves that will leave the defenders stuck to the ground.

Take your game to its deadliest at www.micoach.com/dimariaplan

Chapter 4/5: Nani’s ultimate speed
In today’s game if you’re not fast, you’re past. An explosive acceleration is key to lose your marker. A full-speed dribble, the ball glued to your foot, is the ultimate weapon to beat the toughest defender. You need to be fast without the ball, and even faster with it.
Nani’s training program is a three-week preparation plan, designed to build blazing speed, boost your power and make defenders eat your dust.
A 25-minute workout, three times a week, is all you need to strengthen your fast-response muscles and unleash your deadly speed.
Take your game to its deadliest at micoach.com/naniplan
Chapter 5/5: Nasri’s killer warm-up
The game starts way before the kick off. To be deadly on the pitch you need to prepare every muscle for the action and leave no chance for injuries. The better you prepare the more lethal you’ll become.
Nasri’s training program is a complete pre-match work out plan, targeting every key muscle group to deliver stronger stability and mobility, putting you in a killer shape for the 90 minutes.
Follow these 10-minute drills and get ready to spend more time on the ball and less time on the physio table.
Take your game to its deadliest at micoach.com/nasriplan