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Get into the Olympic Spirit with this Team GB Kit

The London Olympics frenzy has reached a fever pitch, with the Opening Ceremony mere days away. Among the chatter are the athletic uniforms for Team GB, designed by London’s own Stella McCartney. McCartney’s design, focusing on the Union flag in a modern and contemporary twist, continues to draw attention and praise from fashion and sport circles alike.

In celebration of McCartney’s involvement with Team GB, adidas by Stella McCartney is launching its own Fall/ Winter 2012 GB kit. The collection, which evokes the spirit of this summer’s global event, features the Union flag colors of red, white and blue on the faded tee, logo tank and the water-resistant GB Cape--a must for braving London’s rainy weather.

For those looking to get into the Olympic spirit, the adidas by Stella McCartney GB kit is now available. Mix and match the GB tee and cape with the Dark Indigo Run TF Tights, the Super Blue Organic Cotton Cap, and Blue Stone or Victory Red Broadbill Adizero adidas shoes for the perfect fit.

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