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adidas helps lead the Better Cotton Initiative

Did you know that cotton is considered the world’s “dirtiest and thirstiest crop?” It takes 1/3 of a pound of chemicals and 400 gallons of water to grow a single shirt.
Adidas is a founding member of the Better Cotton Initiative which enables cotton farmers around the world to grow cotton in a way that is healthier and safer for the farmers and the environment.

In November 2011, adidas Sustainable Materials Manager Philipp Meister went to India on a Better Cotton Initiative fieldtrip. Philipp set out to learn more about the needs of cotton farmers and gather practical feedback that can aid in the success and expansion of Better Cotton. He walked through the daily routines of the men and women who work the cotton fields and listened to stories of progress and challenges. “The good thing was I could clearly see the impact the initiative has already had on their daily work. By changing simple things, a significant environmental improvement can be achieved as well as progress in terms of working conditions.”

Adidas has set a goal of using 40% Better Cotton by 2015 and 100% by 2018.

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